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In Business as in Life, one size doesn't fit all

We have the flexibility to fit your needs with its tools and programs.




This is the fastest and easiest way to find, price, order and track items with a click of the mouse. With real time pricing and personalized order forms, this site is a great ordering tool. We can totally customize each customers ordering preferences based on their wants, needs and approval processes. Want to log on but don't have an account? E-mail us at [email protected] and we will issue you a temporary login # and password. Want help with your first order? ThinkSupplies training is always FREE and just a click or phone call away.


(800) 443-5169

Short of ordering via the web, our Toll Free order forms are the most popular ordering tool with our customers. Our standard order form has over 60 of the most commonly ordered items already listed for ease of ordering. Yet still plenty of space available to add the additional items that may be needed week in and week out.


Imagine if every standard item that your company uses is built into a single custom form. No more catalog hunting for the items you need every week. Broken down by category and updated upon your request. This form is a true picture of what your company orders. Think of all the time you will save with our customized order form. Time is money! *This feature is available for P.C.P. members only.



It's true we still help our customers the old fashion way, by the telephone. Your account will have a specific customer support person assigned to help you in any way needed, from finding an item to getting you a same day delivery. Our small team concept allows us to be more flexible in what, where and how we can assist you.

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